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A press conference and deepening cooperation signing ceremony between Lisen Imprinting and Galixir was held in Shanghai on November 1, 2021. Also present were representatives from Shanghai Zhangjiang Medicine Public Service Platform and Merck China Innovation Center who graced the occasion with congratulatory messages and motivational speeches. Well-known investment institutions such as Baida Finance, BAI Fund, Phoenixtree Capital, Index Capital, Yingjia investment, Shanghai Lingang SC-innovation Investment and Shanghai Lingang New District Private Equity Fund also attended the meeting. The conference was covered by many media platforms including, zhangtongshe, TongXieYi, EqualOcean and the official WeChat accounts of Galixir, Zhangjiang science and technology investment, hello Zhangjiang, E Drug World, Drug AI and X-Innovation. At the meeting, the research team presented all the significant progress achieved thus far on the jointly developed project regarding lung cancer innovative drug. A deepening cooperation agreement was then officially signed by both companies to further strengthen their scientific collaboration in advancing drug development by converging the advanced capabilities of imprinted genes and artificial intelligence.


Lisen Imprinting and Galixir first met in the Merck China Innovation Center accelerator program (2019, 2nd session). Based on the deep appreciation and recognition of each other's technology, the two companies signed an agreement to jointly develop innovative drugs for lung cancer in November 2020, both acknowledging the great potential of integrating together their individual technological strengths in pursuing such scientific endeavor. Lisen Imprinting uses a novel epigenetic imprinting genes detection technology to characterize different biological signatures and applies these learned signatures on drug design and development. Galixir implements cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology for small molecule drug design and the efficient discovery of potential compound molecules. At the meeting, both teams announced the identification of a highly active drug candidate that could overcome drug resistance problems, advocating new hope for SCLC patients and NSCLC patients who have been resistant to existing clinical treatments. Moving forward, Lisen Imprinting and Galixir will continue to pursue stronger scientific collaboration to further drive product development, complete clinical evaluation and accelerate market introduction in the future.


Through the cooperation agreement, Lisen Imprinting and Galixir have drafted a multi-phase strategy for the "Imprinted genes + Artificial Intelligence" project, combining their respective technical and scientific expertise in biological research, pathogenesis, drug design, molecule optimization and cell detection in further advancing its innovative applications in the field of drug development. This collaborative effort conceptually opens a new research area in exhausting the promising technologies of both imprinted genes and machine learning to revolutionize innovative drug development and demonstrates a strong potential to address new unmet clinical needs.