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Company Profile

    Lisen Imprinting Diagnostics Technology Co. Ltd. is a biotechnology company specializing in molecular pathology diagnosis, founded in Delaware, USA. It is domestically registered as Lisen Imprinting Diagnostics Technology (Wuxi) Co. Limited. At present, the company has a number of domestic and international technology patents obtained from years of extensive scientific research and development, and is among the field leaders in cancer medical diagnosis.

     Cancer development utilizing pathological diagnosis is currently divided into five stages, namely 0 (benign), Pre-I, I, II and III. The conventional method of tumor pathology diagnosis is to typically observe and analyze biopsy cell tissue samples under the microscope as conducted by pathologists. The classification accuracy for benign and malignant samples is dependent on their experience, as well as the morphological changes of the tumor cell tissues. This procedure poses certain limitations. For cancer cases in Pre-I and I stages, the cancer cells will not show significant changes in morphology potentially resulting to inconclusive results. In effect, cancer cases are not diagnosed not until the middle and late stages.

     Lisen's novel quantitative chromogenic imprinted gene in situ hybridization (QCIGISH) technology will not be limited by the morphological changes of the early cancer cells. Lisen uses imprinted gene expression as a biomarker to quantitatively predict the severity of cancer lesions , and achieve a more reliable diagnosis of cancer at the molecular level by using biomarker labels and analytical models.

     Lisen's QCIGISH technology has been recognized by many renowned pathologists and tumor researchers in the industry. The company has a strong professional support from local and foreign medical experts headed by Dr. Chunxue Bai, Chairman of the China Anti-Lung Cancer Association. The team members also include Dr. Tim Huang, Dr. Michael Xing, Dr, Rulong Shen and Dr. Rex Yung among others. Meanwhile, the company has also partnered with Beijing 301 Hospital, Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai ChangZheng Hospital, Xiangya Third Hospital of Zhongnan University and other key provincial and municipal hospitals.

     With 14 million new cancer cases recorded annually in the world, 80% of cancers can be cured at their initial stages, so early and accurate diagnosis becomes critically important. Lisen's products provide early detection capabilities, industry-leading sensitivity and specificity, wider detection range and more accurate results at lower cost when compared to other gene detection products. The company's current innovative research on thyroid, colorectal, bladder and lung cancer tumors are expected to create future products aimed to fulfill Lisen's commitment to the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of these cancers.