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Company Profile


Company Founder and CEO 

Zhou Ning Ph.D.

Over 20 years of business management and consulting experience in 

the United States; Ph.D. in Neuroscience, University of Utah; MBA, 

University of Utah. In 2013, Prolung Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was 

founded in Wuxi and won the first prize of leading talents in Wuxi.


Scientific Adviser

Tim Huang, Ph.D.

American leader in Epigenetics; Alice McDermott Distinguished 

University Professor; Dean, Department of Molecular Medicine, 

University of Texas; Deputy Director of Mace Cancer Center.


Scientific Adviser

Dr. Michael Xing, Ph.D.

Expert in molecular, heredity, epigenetics and clinical translation of 

thyroid cancer; Deputy Editor of Thyroid Magazine, Tenured Professor 

and Director of Thyroid Center at John Hopkins University; Chief 

Scientist at Shanghai Thyroid Research Center.


Scientific Adviser

Dr. Chunxue Bai

Expert in molecular pathogenesis and lung cancer treatment; Chair of 

the Chinese Alliance Against Lung Cancer; Chair of Pulmonary 

Medicine Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University.


Scientific Adviser

Dr. Rulong Shen

Expert in anatomical, clinical and cellular pathology; Director of 

Cytopathology, Department of Pathology, Ohio State University 

Wexner Medical Center.


Scientific Adviser

Dr. Rex Chin-Wei Yung

Adjunct Professor of Oncology, John Hopkins University School of 

Medicine. He served as the Director of the Lung Cancer Department 

and the Director of Bronchoscopy, Department of John Hopkins 

University Hospital. Doctor of Medicine, University of California, 

Los Angeles, Bachelor of Harvard University.