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Lisen Imprinting Diagnostics Technology (Wuxi) Co. Ltd. is a foreign-funded biotechnology company located in Wuxi High Technology Development Zone. Lisen is at the forefront of epigenetics research by pioneering the development of early stage cancer detection and diagnosis using imprinted gene biomarkers for practical clinical applications. The company has an experienced scientific team specializing in tumor epigenetics. Using our patented QCIGISH technology, we quantify allele expressions of imprinted genes to diagnose cancer prior to morphological changes in order to achieve a reliable quantitative diagnosis of cancer at early stages using big data-based analytical models.

We specialize in molecular pathology diagnosis using our novel Quantitative Chromogenic Imprinted Gene In Situ Hybridization (QCIGISH) technique for early cancer detection. During the past three and half years, Lisen studied more than 5,000 cancer cases across 12 cancer types, developed an epigenetic panel including 25 novel imprinting genes, achieved industry-leading sensitivity and specificity, which enabled Lisen to accurately detect and diagnose early and even pre-stage cancers prior to morphological changes. We have also discovered special epigenetic targets for anti-cancer drugs, which could help to develop new epigenetic targeted drugs with better efficacy but reduced time and less cost.  

Lisen advocates for bringing hope and empowering cancer patients around the world. In most people's minds, there is no scarier diagnosis than that of cancer. With over 14 million cancer cases discovered globally each year, it is often thought of as a life-threatening and untreatable disease. With our pioneering QCIGISH technology, we are dedicated to the accurate and early identification of cancers at their most curable stages, providing a personalized pathway towards necessary and effective therapies while avoiding inessential, costly and potentially futile treatments, prolonging the survival and improving the quality of life of cancer patients everywhere.

Latest News

Advancing drug development innovation through “Imprinted genes + AI” convergence, Lisen Imprinting and Galixir signs a deepening cooperation agreement

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Advancing Cancer Detection through its Pioneering QCIGISH Technology

Lisen's range of products in the market including those for the diagnosis of thyroid and lung cancers, as well as screening for bladder cancer using urine exfoliated cells are all powered by its patented novel QCIGISH technology.
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Research and Innovation

A Future Leader of Epigenetic Cancer Diagnosis and Drug Research

Lisen is extending the application of its QCIGISH technology for the in vitro diagnosis of different cancer types including breast, colon, esophageal, gastric, liver cancer, among others, using multiple screening methods.
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